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Established in March 2014 and located in No.66#, Zhiyuan Road, Economic Dev. Zone, Jurong ,Zhenjiang City, is the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Nanjing Sanchao Advanced Materials Co., Ltd., with the registered capital of RMB240 million and floor area of 73,300㎡, which including workshop, warehouse, office and living facilities etc., total building area is 73,800 ㎡. Up to now, there are more than 800 employs, of which about 20% of the total numbers are college degree or above.  The company specializes in the R&D, design and manufacture of the diamond and CBN tools, and the main products are diamond wire.

Jiangsu Sanjing Semiconductor Materials Co., Ltd.

Founded on Dec.24th, 2021, and locating in 8011-8 Room, Cuiping S&T Innovation Building, No. 7 Yingcui Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Sanjing is a holding subsidiary of Nanjing Sanchao with an investment of 10 millions USD. Focusing on R & D, designing and manufacturing all types of tools, materials, testing instruments for processing of integrated circuit, including all kinds of Diamond/CBN grinding wheels, hubless blade, dicing blade, dresser, lapping liquid and laser sawing blade, etc. Jiangsu Sanjing has been well ready to provide the Semiconductor manufacturers with our premium products and excellent services.


Established in June 2016 and located in the Yokohama Japan, Moved to 10-15,1-Chome, Shimokitakata, Mihara-City, Hiroshima in February 2020, is the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Nanjing Sanchao Advanced Materials Co., Ltd, with the total investment of JPY 2 hundred billion. The company is specializes in the design and R&D of super hard materials, and as well as provide professional technical service and support to parent company.

Jiangsu Sanhong Advanced Materials CO., Ltd. 

Wholly-owned subsidiary company of Nanjing Sanchao Advanced Material Co., Ltd. It was established on 25th July 2022 and is located at No. 7 Lingao Road, Jinhu economic development zone, Huaian City, Jiangsu province, China with an area of 72,000㎡. The company majors in the R&D, design, and manufacturing of diamond, and CNB tools. The main product is the diamond wire.

Jiangsu Sanxin Semiconductor Equipment munufacturing CO., Ltd.

     Established on 16th November 2022. It is located at NO. 109 -8 Runqi Road, Dongshan Street, Jiangning Distinction, Nanjing, China. It is the holding subsidiary company of Nanjing Sanchao Advanced Material Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. It specializes in R&D and manufacturing of precise Equipment in the industry of Photovoltaic and Semiconductor, Such as the Chamfering machine, thinning machine, side throwing machine, squaring and grinding machine, etc.

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